Causes of Domestic Violence


There are many causes of domestic violence, but there are also choices to make.

Domestic Violence as a legislative act was only started in 1998. Prior to that there was no legislation governing domestic violence. That is not to say that legislation did not govern either domesticity or violence in their individual capacity.

As we find ourselves progressing through the ages, it would be wise to expand on the causes of domestic violence which is affecting our population.

Patriarchal Structures: Our society has been predominantly ruled by the male gender. In general, males are more action orientated and less focused on emotional factors. Most men would implement patriarchal structures as it would be the normal progressive action steps to take to secure their environment.

Economic disparities caused by a difference in participation rate results in unequal pay between the different genders. Resultantly, the opportunities to Health Services & Education are disproportionate.

Cultural belief systems are of particular note as the predominant ethnic groups that are in South Africa originated from the Bantu tribes. These tribes were mainly agricultural in nature, known for specialising in farmer techniques. They used a burn agriculture which uses fire to cultivate and clear land.

Frustration in not being able to meet one or more of these points may lead to domestic violence. Some psychological theorists will argue that it is dependent on the experiences you have had through your life, some will argue that it is based on your genetics. Either way that you want to take the argument, it is your choice as to how you are going to channel that frustration.


Men: Play a sport with your friends or do some metal work, something that makes you feel like you have achieved something. The key is to physically do a task.

Women: Water the garden or prune some plants. The key is to nurture something.

DeafBlinds: Frustration and fear are the one thing that you are accustomed to. All you must do is change what you are thinking of. Remember the happiest feeling you ever felt and then the smells that go with that feeling. Keep it super simple. Dealing with the symptom which is domestic violence, and its affects is not going to help. What will help is understanding that only you are responsible for you. Choose the channel of your frustration, not the cause of your fear.

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