Welcome to the home page of DeafBlind South Africa.


As the official voice of Deafblind people, Deafblind South Africa has been formed to provide support services to DeafBlind individuals, their families, caregivers and friends as well as any other persons closely involved with their day-to-day activities. It serves DeafBlind individuals of all ages, dealing with all conditions of DeafBlindness, no matter what the degree of severity of the dual sensory impairments. DBSA was established in order to serve as the voice of Deafblind people in South Africa.

The severity of combined visual and auditory impairments means that DeafBlind people cannot automatically utilize services for people with visual impairments or with hearing impairments. Therefore DeafBlindness causes extreme difficulties with regard to education, training, working life, social life, cultural activities, information, communication and mobility.

DeafBlindness must therefore be regarded as a separate disability which requires special methods of communication, mobility and special methods for coping with the functions of everyday life.

Our Mission

To empower the Deafblind in South Africa and to be the unifying voice of Deafblind persons in South Africa which will ensure that Deafblind people are recognized as persons with dignity, equal rights and opportunities.

Our Vision

Barrier-free society that will allow persons with DeafBlindness to actively participate in the activities of the national, provincial and regional development.

participate in the activities of the national provincial and regional development.